GSG Tnn Devo Bib Shorts 2021 -

Team Novo Nordisk official BiB shorts 2021 for the Development Team. Soft feel elastic mesh on the front and polypropylene mesh on the back. Flat stitching and raw cut lycra insert with gripper. Printable soft-feel elastic mesh braces. Soft lycra with gripper insert. Ikon pad.
Weight: 178gr.

Innovative fabric ensuring maximum comfort to the athlete due to its pleasant soft-touch, the high 4-ways stretch elasticity, the excellent breathability and superb moisture transport feature.
Material: Compression Lycra.Weight: 178gr.
Material: Compression Lycra.
Marke: GSG   
Modell: TNN21_DEVO_05358   
Produktnr.: gsg40698

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